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Residential Spaces

Did you know that Wacky World Studios started out and continues to be a widely respected residential design company. While we produce large scaled projects, no job is too small for us. Change a bed frames, order a cabinet, dress up a wall and it just keeps going. Home is where you through your feet up, relax and get away from it all. So let's make your dream place a reality today!


From bedrooms and playrooms..


"It is hard to measure the impact that physical and emotional challenges can have on the development of children. Creative, nuturing and loving environments can set a stage of healing that you can physically feel! Wacky World has certainly shown a commitment to setting that stage for the patients of Shriners Hospitals! "

...To common areas of the home


"...Was looking for something unique and special...Something I could give the children to make them feel welcome and at home...We hit a homerun, loved working with Wacky World..."


HealthCare Facilities


Dr. Chen - Bright Smiles

Dr. Stettler Kids Rock

Dr. Jones Orthodonitcs