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About Us

About Us

Our Story!

From humble beginnings to what we have become today, read more about the history of Wacky World, see our awards and learn more about who we are and what we do!

Production Manager George Jones in the workshop being interviewed.

Inspiration and Purpose

Image of Art Director Steven Walker being interviewed at Wacky World Studios

The Customer Experience

Image of Wacky World Studios' General Manager Karen Johnson sitting in her colorful office for an interview.

Design and Process

Our Team

Meet the Theme Team!

Our talented and diverse team, made up of craftsmen, artists, sculptors, painters, carpenters, designers, technicians and administrators, has been creating spectacular themed environments for over twenty years.

Our Process

It All Starts with an Idea...

We pride ourselves on bringing your vision to life and we’ll work with you every step of the way.

Personalized Art

From characters and names to inside jokes, personalization is an exciting way to honor important people in your projects!

Localized Art

Do you live in an iconic area? Wacky World can customize artwork to reflect your local surroundings!

Florida Art

Many of our clients are in Florida, so we have multiple examples of how we customized art with local Floridian icons!


Our Clients Tell All!

From churches to daycares to healthcare and more, our happy clients have a lot to say about working with us to turn their dreams into reality. Rather than let us tell you, hear it straight from them!


Here to Help!

Confused about how to get started, what we do, who we are or just have a question you need help with? Then check out our FAQs!


Press Releases, In the News and More

Find out what's going on with Wacky World and keep up with all the latest news!

Image depicts two rooms. On the left is a Dinosaur themed space with a 3D relief Dinosaur and tree. On the right is a classroom with tables and chairs and a blue wall with square geometric shapes of a lighter color.

Education August 2, 2023

Timeless vs Modern

Recent trends in interior decor for children tend to be geared more towards...

2 cartoon character men standing facing the WW logo of pink letters on a green swath background with text reading "Product Descriptions"

Education July 26, 2023

Product Descriptions #1

Curious what a 2D cutout or 3D relief is? Here are some descriptions of...

Image of inclusive passive play features, a 3D sculpted sandcastle and doggie bath.

Inclusive Design July 19, 2023

Active vs Passive Play

We are passionate about designing inclusive play environments so that all children...

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