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Grace World Outreach

Brooksville, FL

Every day feels like an adventure!

This Camping/Lodge theme is the perfect getaway for the kids at Grace World. With wonderfully detailed wall coverings and a few choice 3D elements to provide visual depth, this theme is the perfect choice for this large gathering space. Kids feel like they are in the great outdoors even though they are in a comfortable climate controlled environment! The large Projection screen is the focal point of the stage and there is plenty of room for everyone.

A Camping themed environment featuring a lakeside wainscot, woody station wagon and canoe rental storefront with children characters.
A Camping themed environment with a Forest mural, a camper and a 3D rock, logs and picnic table.
Camping themed mural featuring a family and a camper plus mountains and forest animals.
A Camping themed stage featuring forest murals and picnic tables plus camping characters.
Camping themed mural featuring a forest and camping characters plus 3D sculpted hollow log and a picnic table.
A Camping themed mural featuring trees, tents and kid characters with camping supplies.

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