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Relevant Church

Tampa, FL

A colorful world around each corner!

Using mainly wall covering, this space has been completely transformed with each age group a different theme: a Main street full of shops to a slime factory, science lab, art class and even a garden of bugs and butterflies.

A Toon Town / Big City themed murals with a bridge scene.
Slime Factory and Industrial Wall Covering at Relevant Church Tampa plus a 3D truck rear facade that doubles as a storage closet.
Slime Factory and Industrial Loading Zone Themed Wall Covering at Relevant Church Tampa with oil barrels and 2 kids, and a table.
Baby Builders and Toddlers with Big Blocks Themed Wall Covering at Relevant Church Tampa
Undersea Themed Wall Covering in Nursery at Relevant Church Tampa with a sunken ship, and multiple sealife characters.

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