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When themed environments are what we do, the home in which we create them is no different! Our studio is completely themed! Everyone who sees it is blown away. Each tour of our facility educates with real world examples of what we do and inspires what we can do for you!

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From humble beginnings to what we have become today, read more about the history of Wacky World, see our awards and learn more about who we are and what we do!


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Bricks, Rocks and Stones

DIY January 25, 2023

Bricks, Rocks and Stones

In this Tips & Tricks video, Theme Designer Bruce Barry shows you how to...

Our Projects

Top 5 Lists January 18, 2023

Our Projects

Do you have questions about Wacky World Studios? Some of our most...

Camping Theme spotlight image with Park Ranger and Lodge playground

Spotlights January 11, 2023

Camping Theme

With gorgeous forest scenes, cute critters abounding, and majestic rocks...

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