Inclusion Matters

Wacky World Studios is committed to designing all spaces to be inclusive. We believe themed environments should be aesthetically pleasing and inspire imagination and creativity, but also make everyone feel welcome and included! By incorporating inclusive elements in your themed spaces - such as sensory panels, musical elements, accessible features and diverse artwork - your space will be ahead of the rest.

Inclusive Design Essentials

We prioritize and plan model inclusive play environments by providing a robust variety of activities and design features that address the physical, social-emotional, sensory, cognitive, and communicative needs of all children, including those with disabilities. These inclusive essentials align with evidence-based design best practices to break down both physical barriers for access and social barriers to participate.

Music & Sound

Encourages collaboration, creativity and age-appropriate activities for multigenerational users at any developmental stage

Dramatic Play

Encourages imagination, creativity, symbolic thinking, and social dialogue through pretend play

Inclusive Artwork

Include artwork that celebrates differences and embraces diversity. Create awareness by including characters of various race, gender, age, ethnicity, culture, and ability


Encourages language skills through motivating, collaborative and reciprocal activities with friends and family

Looping Patterns

Supports intuitive play patterns so that children can successfully engage in repetitive, active play to develop skills

Active vs Passive Play

Enhances play experiences through well-organized, easy-to-recognize areas while avoiding user conflict

Visual Supports

Strategically use color, patterns, textures, and pictures as visual cues to help organize activity areas so the environment is easy to understand

Accessible Routes

Allows diverse users, adaptive equipment, and caregivers access to social and physical play throughout the environment.

Multisensory Features

Sensory walls, activity panels, and music provide fun and often surprising experiences and encourage learning through discovery and exploration

Jump In Point

Offers passive areas for children to observe and understand the play activity prior to participating and helps draw them into active play

Cozy Spot

Offers quiet or semi-enclosed places, such as under the deck or crawl tubes, where children can seek sensory relief and retreat until ready to engage in play


Offers clear visibility and supervision of activity areas

Cooperative Play

Reinforces positive interactions between children through dynamic and fun experiences as children work together to engage in the activity

Activities with Comfortable Reach

Provides adequate space underneath the panel to allow individuals using mobility devices to comfortably reach play activities while facing forward


Check-in areas within comfortable proximity to enhance the experience of all visitors. If outdoors, shades integrate a balance of sunlight exposure and relief to environmental conditions

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