Types of Wall Design

When it comes to interior design, walls play a vital role in setting the tone and...

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Types of Wall Design

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Different Types of Wall Design

When it comes to interior design, walls play a vital role in setting the tone and ambiance of a space. Various wall designs can be employed to transform a room from ordinary to extraordinary. In this blog post, we will delve into the world of full wall murals, wainscots, appliqués, and vignettes, exploring their unique differences and the advantages they offer in enhancing your living space.


1. Full Wall Murals:

Full wall murals are a stunning way to make a bold statement and infuse your space with personality. These large-scale artistic creations cover an entire wall, immersing you in a captivating scene or design. Here are some advantages of opting for a full wall mural:

  • Impactful Aesthetics: A full wall mural serves as a focal point, instantly grabbing attention and becoming the centerpiece of the room. It can transform a plain wall into a mesmerizing work of art.
  • Versatile Themes: Whether you desire a serene nature landscape, an urban cityscape, or an abstract masterpiece, full wall murals offer a vast array of themes to match your style and preferences.
  • Room Enlargement Illusion: By selecting a mural with depth or perspective, you can create an illusion of expanded space, making a room feel larger and more open.

Another variation of full wall murals are contour-cut murals; this is where the mural does not fully extend to the ceiling and/or edge of the wall. Instead, it is trimmed along the outline of an art element such as a cloud, tree, or building. This can be effective for cost-cutting or as a design aesthetic.

Finally, some wall murals are not applied directly to the wall but are instead printed on a banner or cloth backdrop that is suspended via a variety of hardware options. This is done when the art is only needed for a temporary time period or to allow easy moving to other locations.


2. Wainscots:

Wainscots are an elegant and timeless wall design option that covers a wall’s lower portion with faux brick or wooden panels or decorative materials. At Wacky World, we use the term wainscoting to describe artwork design on the lower portion of the wall surface. Wainscoting typically extends to about one-third or halfway up the wall. Here's why wainscots are a popular choice:

  • Classic Charm: Wainscots exude a sense of sophistication and add a touch of traditional elegance to any room. They are particularly suitable for classrooms, hallways, and play areas.
  • Wall Protection: Wainscots offer a practical advantage by protecting the lower portion of the wall from scuffs, marks, and daily wear and tear. This is especially beneficial in high-traffic areas or homes with children or pets.
  • Customization Possibilities: Wainscots can be customized to suit your desired theme. From simple wood slats to full mural-like scenes, you can choose the style that complements your design vision.

3. Appliqués:

Appliqués refer to decorative elements attached to the surface of a wall, adding visual interest and texture. They are usually individual elements, such as a bird, cloud, or other isolated image. Consider the advantages of using appliqués:

  • Easy Installation: Appliqués are relatively simple to install, making them a versatile option for those looking to enhance their walls without major renovations.
  • Artistic Flourish: Appliqués allow you to infuse your personal style into the space and fill in areas otherwise not covered by larger graphics. From colorful characters to clouds or even city fixtures such as streetlights and fire hydrants, appliqués offer a wide range of design possibilities.
  • Temporary Decor: Appliqués can be easily removed or replaced, making them ideal for renters or those who regularly refresh their interior. They provide a temporary decorative solution without the commitment of a permanent design.

4. Vignettes:

Vignettes are small, curated displays or arrangements of objects, artwork, or characters on a wall. They create a visually appealing focal point, showcasing thematic elements. Explore the advantages of vignettes:

  • Storytelling: Vignettes offer an opportunity to tell a story by gathering related items together into a small scene.
  • Flexibility and Adaptability: Vignettes are highly adaptable and can be easily rearranged or updated to reflect changing seasons or interests. They allow for experimentation and creativity, as you can mix and match different elements.
  • Versatile Placement: Vignettes can be placed on various wall surfaces, including large walls, narrow hallways, or even within alcoves. They provide a versatile solution to enliven any part of your space.

Another variation is the framed mural where the mural does not cover the entire wall but is instead inset into what appears to be a frame – this could be a doorway, a window frame, or even a traditional wood frame such as what you would see around a painting, albeit much larger. Again, this is usually a cost-saving measure.


Each wall design option - full wall murals, wainscots, appliqués, and vignettes - brings its own unique advantages to the realm of interior design. Whether you seek a statement piece, a touch of sophistication, artistic flourishes, or a personalized display, these options cater to a range of tastes and preferences. Embrace the power of walls as a canvas and elevate your space to new heights with these inspiring wall design ideas.