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The staff at Wacky World are so fun to work with. They have incredible personalities… You realize that there’s pretty much nothing these guys can’t do... All the ideas that we had, they would work with, and then they would counter with ideas that we hadn’t even thought of to improve the vision.

Pastor Andy Strachan

Wacky World more than met our expectations, it exceeded our expectations. They did a great job of giving us a big picture of ‘Hey, here’s what it could be’ and then we gave them a budget to work within and they said ‘You know what, we can take what we see and we can craft it to fit within the budget that you have’ and that was mind-blowing to me because no organization has ever worked with us like that.

Pastor Paul Wirth

They not only caught our vision, they executed in the most professional way. I can’t tell you enough on what an impact their ministry has done here at Capital. EVERY day we get another “Wow!” or “This is a church nursery?”

Pastor Missy Vaughn

It is absolutely beautiful, the hard work is incredible. These guys are the real deal. If you want your church to look amazing, have a great kids ministry, these are the guys you should call!

Pastor Fuller

Was looking for something unique and special...Something I could give the children to make them feel welcome and at home...We hit a home run, loved working with Wacky World.

Dr. Corban Stettler

Twila, Beverly & I want to thank you for all your help in helping us pick out the Baby Animals for our Nursery Walls.The pictures are amazing and beautiful. We could not be happier in the products you provide. Thanks Again!

Linda Miller

I'm so excited that when the patients come in, they feel like they're at Disney. They're just not even thinking they are at a dental office

Dr. Tiffany Chen

We just loved what Wacky World represented. Your website was incredible. Just looking at the work you've done for other churches, it was just phenomenal... it completely transformed the area we are in.

Pastor Jesse Wilson

I have worked with Wacky World over the years on many different projects. They were great to work with, prompt in their response time to any questions or adjustments we had, went the second mile for us and created an amazing space that has kids dragging their parents to church.

Dale Hudson

You have to see Wacky World Studios... It's amazing to see the process of what you see and how it came to be.

Jody Vaughn

The way family has responded, they feel like...someone has thought of them first... I don't think this would have happened without you.

Associate Pastor Jerry

We are a pediatric dental office and Wacky World took the vision of our Doctors story and brought it to life. Absolutely the best company to work with and they have truly transformed our office.

Mary Stettler

I’m so grateful for Bruce Berry and his amazing team at Wacky World Studios for putting color and design to our vision for our children’s ministry space. Thank you, Bruce, for 'wackyfying' our space and giving it such an amazing transformation.

Marta Cortez

Just wanted to celebrate our kids ministry has grown 60% since your install. You guys are the best. Thank you so much.

Brian Moore

All I can say is there is no one like this company! They have been around long enough to see what you can only imagine!! They will make your dreams come true when it comes to creating a one of a kind space!!! Love them!

Lori Fields

Wacky World's entire staff is like no other; the creativity and the ability to bring a client's dreams to reality are simply unparalleled.

Jeff Harris

You've already inspired many of my own creative works. I've daydreamed of working for Wacky World with every project I see. For the kids, and the ones who still live within us all, you all spread so much joy with your many talents. Thanks for giving back. Truly amazing work.

Sarah Jo

I can’t even express how much I love your work, Bruce and Wacky World. It’s not only beautiful, but emits happiness, even in a sometimes scary doctors office or hospital. Please keep creating!

Sue Whitaker Jakubzak

All you and your teams work is magically. I guarantee everyone that's seen your work in person has been in awe and left with a sense of wonder. Pictures are great, but when you see the full magic, well let's just say, when I saw it, my inner child was ready to crawl all over it.

Jonathan L Mahoney

"Speaks to the kid in all of us. When we had my great niece attend Idlewild Baptist with us, the work you did there very much welcomed her into the kids area from the first glance. So inviting and sets the tone for wanting to learn and connect."

Lou Anne Hinen

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