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Kids Rock Pediatric Dentistry

Colorado Springs, CO

Welcome aboard!

Sail away with the Pirates at this amazing Pediatric Dentist's office! Pirate sharks, octopuses, seagulls and even an animated tooth fairy will join you! There is an interactive video game to play of just marvel at the funny Sea life that populates this fun and whimsical land!

Exterior of Dental office with custom logo sign reading Kids Rock Pediatric Dentistry.
TV display cabinet with 2D cutouts of pirate themed characters at Dr Stettler Kids Rock Pediatric Dentistry
A Pirate themed room with full wall murals, a check in desk with a blue ship board wrap, treasure maps and toothbrushes.
Kids Rock Pediatric Dentistry waiting room with pirate themed murals and cutouts.
A Pirate themed environment in a Dental office waiting room with wall murals of a blue ship interior, 4 purple chairs, 2 lime chairs and 2 orange chairs.
A priate themed waiting room with wall murals of a ship interior, a 2D cutout of a shark holding a toothbrush, a TV cabinet and animal characters
Sea Animal Pirate Themed mural with animal characters aboard a pirate ship at Dr Stettler Kids Rock Pediatric Dentistry
wainscots of a a pirate themed ship with cartoon characters of octopi

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