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Beach Shack Themed Check In Desks at New Walk Church

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Themed Check-In Desks

Wacky World Studios Is Your One-Stop Shop for Custom Themed Check-In Desks

Custom Themed Check-In Desks

A check-in desk is a great way to introduce your guests to your facility. It is often their first encounter with your chosen theme. It puts kids at ease and is a fun place for employees to return to each day.

Check-in desks are found in amusement parks, resorts, doctor offices, daycares, and more. They serve as the primary point of contact between guests and the venue's staff. They provide a critical first impression and set the tone for the guest experience.

Desk wrap and 2D tree cutout in a Neighborhood Treehouse Themed pediatric facility
2D cutout desk wrap of a wooden sailing ship , 3D chest, 2D sign and wainscot of beach scene in a Beach & Wrecked Ship Themed room.
Airport Themed Check-in desk with 3D relief luggage stacked in front of the counter and a large wall mural of an airport scene behind it.
2D surfboard game stations and Beach murals plus Tiki Hut Check In Desk in a Beach Themed space
2 life-sized Covered Wagons with sculpted cacti as check in stations in a Western Themed space at Crossroads church in Odessa TX

Check-In Desk FAQs

Check-in desks are perfect for churches, schools, daycares, parks & rec facilities, museums, libraries, retail, offices, theatres, healthcare, dental offices and more!

If you need to keep track of guests or offer information for their visit, then a check-in desk can be a great addition to your facility. It can make a first and lasting impression and sets the tone for your business.

A good check-in desk should be functional, attractive, inviting, and durable. It should include an ADA counter for accessibility ad can include lockable cabinetry and check-in equipment.

We offer stand-alone desks, custom 3D structures and desk wraps.

Our check-in desks are sculpted foam, wood, metal, Sintra, or a combination of materials.

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