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Desert scene wall mural plus 3D sculpted Palm tree and sculpted rocks with waterfalls as a check in desk at Calvary Chapel Church in St. Pete.

Kiosks & Game Stations

Custom Interactive Kiosks

Control crowd flow with our custom check-in kiosks and entertain the kids with game stations!

Kiosk check-in stations are often the first thing your guests will encounter upon entering your facility. They can help set the tone for the theme and create a welcoming experience for your visitors.

Undersea Themed Check-in Kiosk with 4 stations built into a 2D cutout of a colorful coral reef scene with plants and fish and other sea life.
3D relief sculpted blue and white delivery truck with 3 Check-In Kiosks in a Toon Town Themed Space with full wall mural of a downtown scene.
8 Wacky Slime Factory styled 3D Check-in Kiosks and Gaming Stations along a wall painted yellow, orange and purple.
Undersea/Atlantis-Themed 2D Cutout Check-In Kiosk and Gaming Stations featuring fallen columns, sea life and ocean plants
Delivery Truck Themed 5-display Gaming Stations with brick wall background mural at Victory Church TX

Custom Kiosks FAQs

A good kiosk should be functional, attractive, inviting, and durable.

If you need to keep track of guests, offer information for their visit, or provide a gaming area, a custom kiosk can be a great addition to your facility.

We offer standalone 2D kiosks, custom 3D structures, and wall-mounted units.

Most kiosks may be sculpted foam, wood, metal, Sintra, or a combination of materials.

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