Exploring our 2D & 3D Themed Creations

From 2D cutouts to 3D sculptures, our creations add dimension and charm to any themed environment.

Product Descriptions

Product Descriptions

Discover the Possibilities

Dive into our collection of immersive products designed to bring joy and wonder to children everywhere. From towering trees to playful characters, we've got the perfect touch to transform any space into an interactive wonderland.

2D Cutouts: Adding Dimension to Dreams

Appliqué Adventures:
Step into a world of wonder with our 2D cutouts! These appliqués or vignettes are meticulously applied to substrates, then contour-cut to add delightful dimension. Whether they stand alone or adorn walls, our 2D cutouts bring characters to life in vibrant detail.

Budget-Friendly Brilliance:
Stretch your imagination without stretching your budget! Our 2D cutouts, typically printed on sticky-backed vinyl, are mounted on materials like MDF, PVC, or dibond, offering an affordable way to create larger-than-life characters and scenes.

2D Relief: Layered Landscapes

Depth Defying Designs:
Dive into the depths of creativity with our 2D relief creations! Multiple layers of 2D cutouts come together to craft scenes with added depth, perfect for bringing trees and structures to life in stunning detail.

Illusions Unleashed:
Watch as flat surfaces transform into dynamic landscapes! Our 2D relief technique creates the illusion of 3D, making every corner of your themed environment burst with immersive charm.

3D Relief: Bringing Dreams to the Wall

Halfway to Happiness:
Discover the magic of our 3D relief designs! These objects, cut vertically and mounted flat against the wall, can offer a more cost-effective way to bring large animals, trees, and building facades to life in any space.

Wall Wonders:
Transform your walls into portals of possibility! Our 3D relief technique seamlessly merges with your space, turning ordinary surfaces into extraordinary showcases of creativity.

3D Sculpt: Sculpting Dreams into Reality

Foam Fantasy:
Embark on an adventure with our free-standing 3D sculptures! Crafted from EPS Foam, these whimsical elements are sculpted, hard-coated, and painted to perfection. From fallen tree benches to colorful coral reefs, our 3D sculptures captivate with their lifelike detail.

Endless Imagination:
Dream big with our versatile 3D sculptures! Whether it's towering trees or life-size animal characters, our creations transport you to worlds filled with imagination and wonder.