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Take Away the Stress

We pride ourselves in creating a welcoming themed space that will reduce anxiety and put patients, both young and old, at ease. This immersive experience allows for a brief, but meaningful, "happy distraction" making the experience more positive and enjoyable for the children, their parents, and the entire medical team. Studies show that well-being can be improved by visual stimulation and that’s exactly what Wacky World Studios delivers!

Dr. Jones in his office making a Testimony Video


Dr. Jones Orthodontics

Dr Chen in front of a Space themed mural for a Bright Smiles Pediatric Dentist Testimony Video


Bright Smiles

Dr Stettler in front of his themed coffee station for a Kids Rock Testimony Video


Kids Rock Pediatric

Dr. Lesser of Smile Builders Pediatric Dentistry


Smile Builders Pediatric

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