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Parks & Recreation

Everyone Needs To PLAY!

A sensory-rich inclusive play environment can bring children together while providing each one with the sensory experiences they seek. Wacky World is focused on creating inviting and entertaining environments for ALL kids and that typically means we must include play equipment! From twisting slides to climb-thru trees to hollowed-out logs, children love to scamper about. So, we provide plenty of things to climb on as well as sensory devices to engage everybody. With an intentional design that incorporates quiet spaces as well as places for adults to sit and supervise the action, our team has the knowledge to create the perfect solution for your facility.

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West Chicago Park District

Our Story

Over twenty years of experience!

Wacky World Studios is a full-service theming studio specializing in creating fun family-friendly environments. Since it's inception, we have been consistently pursuing innovative solutions to functional design, inspired by purpose. We have the knowledge, skills and expertise to help your dream space become reality!

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