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Bridgeway Church

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A Transformation From Multi-Use to Kid-Focused

Bridgeway Church - Tampa, FL | Wacky World Studios

Bridgeway Church in Tampa, Florida, embarked on a remarkable journey of transformation, turning their multi-age, multi-use space into a haven specifically designed for kids. The vision was clear: to create a space where children could not only play but also feel seen, loved, and heard. Thus, Kidsway Studios was born, inspired by the hustle and bustle of a backlot movie set.

A Vision for Kid-Focused Spaces

The transition from a generic multi-use area to a dedicated kids' space required careful planning and creative vision. Bridgeway Church envisioned a place where children could immerse themselves in an environment tailored to their needs—a space that would spark imagination and foster a sense of belonging.

Bringing the Backlot to Life

Drawing inspiration from the enchanting world of movie backlots, Kidsway Studios was designed to transport children into a realm of creativity and adventure. The once ordinary space was transformed into a vibrant ministry area where every corner told a story, and every wall radiated with color and character.

Making Magic with 2D Elements

One of the most remarkable features of Kidsway Studios is its clever use of 2D elements to create a visually stunning environment. Instead of relying heavily on costly 3D installations, the design team opted for a combination of full-wall murals, printed wainscot panels, and strategically placed decals. Carefully selected colors and meticulous attention to detail give the illusion of expansive murals, while well-placed 2D character cutouts and signs add depth and personality to the space.

Product Spotlight

Printed "Wainscot" Panels

As part of the innovative approach to design, Bridgeway Church utilized printed wainscot panels to enhance the visual appeal of the spaces. These customizable panels offer a cost-effective solution for adding texture and depth to walls, allowing for endless possibilities in design and theme integration.  Wacky World Studios extensive art catalog offers wainscot panel selections to accompany almost any theme you can imagine!

Backlot Studios Wainscot Panels


Inspiration for Every Budget

Kidsway Studios serves as an inspiration for organizations seeking to create engaging children's spaces without breaking the bank. By leveraging the creative potential of 2D elements and printed wainscot panels, Bridgeway Church demonstrates that transformative design can be within anyone's reach and can happen in a variety of spaces from large areas like theirs to smaller hallways or single classrooms.

Who Doesn't Love a Good Makeover?

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