Celebration Health Hospital

Kissimmee, FL

Aquatic Adventures, Sandy Shores, Healthcare, Indoor Spaces

Celebration Health Hospital

Aquatic Adventures, Sandy Shores, Healthcare, Indoor Spaces

Beach Bliss at Celebration Health Hospital

Celebration Health Hospital - Kissimmee, FL | Wacky World Studios

Imagine a hospital visit that feels like a beach vacation! That’s the magic created at Celebration Health Hospital in Kissimmee, FL. The goal was to transform the typically sterile and intimidating environment of a medical facility into a bright, sunny, beach-side paradise. This inviting theme was designed to calm the nerves of patients, making medical testing and procedures a more pleasant experience.

Soothing Beach-Side Environment

Walking into this transformed space, visitors are greeted with a vibrant and cheerful beach scene. The walls are adorned with colorful murals of sandy shores and rolling waves, transporting everyone to a tropical escape. The calming effects of this environment are especially beneficial in reducing anxiety for those undergoing important medical tests.

Playful Features for Young Patients

One of the standout elements of this project is the inclusion of lighthouse play features and friendly characters. These whimsical additions capture the imaginations of young patients, providing a delightful distraction during what can be a difficult time. From climbing the lighthouse to playing with the beach buddies, there's always something to entertain and comfort the little ones.

Spotlight on MRI Wraps

Transforming Medical Machines into Works of Art

A highlight of this project is the creatively wrapped MRI and CT scan machines. Instead of the usual intimidating appearance, these machines are transformed into sandcastle sculptures and beach-themed wonders. This artistic touch helps convey a sense of peace and relaxation, turning a potentially scary procedure into a serene experience. The playful designs make a significant difference in easing the fears of patients of all ages.



A Tropical Escape in a Medical Setting

The beach-side themed environment at Celebration Health Hospital is more than just a makeover. It’s a thoughtful blend of art and care, designed to create a soothing and engaging atmosphere for patients and visitors alike. By bringing the essence of a tropical vacation into the hospital, the goal is to provide comfort, reduce stress, and enhance the overall patient experience.

"If you can dream it, we can theme it!"

A glimpse into a work in progress

Due to the size and nature of the medical equipment, our process was a little different than usual for parts of this project, some of the marking and measurements needed to be done onsite.

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