McDonald's Restaurants

Lynn Haven, Niceville, Crestview & Navarre, FL and Carlisle, PA

Aquatic Adventures, Commercial, Out of This World

McDonald's Restaurants

Aquatic Adventures, Commercial, Out of This World

From Ordinary to Extraordinary!

McDonald's Restaurants | Wacky World Studios

At Wacky World Studios, we love taking ordinary spaces and turning them into extraordinary experiences. Our recent projects with several McDonald's Restaurants in Florida and Pennsylvania are perfect examples of how we can transform mundane fast-food restaurants into immersive wonderlands that kids and families can't resist.

An Undersea Adventure

Dive into the completely immersive undersea adventures at these McDonald's restaurants! From the moment you approach the buildings, the printed window vinyls provide a sneak peek into the magical world that awaits inside. As you step through the doors, you'll find yourself surrounded by vibrant marine life, with colorful fish swimming overhead and friendly sea creatures greeting you at every turn.

The interior of the restaurant is designed to transport you to the depths of the ocean, with the entire play area resembling coral reefs and underwater caves. Our attention to detail is unmatched, from the  hanging sculptures to the whimsical brand elements included in the custom-designed artwork.

Futuristic City World

This retro space-themed world will leave you awe-struck from the moment you arrive.

Step inside and be transported to a universe where colorful planets loom around every corner and a trip to Mickey D's is as easy as hopping aboard your spaceship. Every corner of the restaurant is infused with out-of-this-world flair, from the French fry constellations to the funky starships overhead.

Window Vinyls

A Sneak Peek into Adventure!

Before even stepping inside, these printed window vinyls provide a tantalizing glimpse into the magical worlds that await within. The high-quality vinyls can be printed and designed to any size and theme, allowing us to create captivating scenes that capture the imagination.