Monkey Dooz Jungle Cutz

Riverside, CA

Wild Expeditions, Commercial

Monkey Dooz Jungle Cutz

Wild Expeditions, Commercial

Step into the wild!

Monkey Dooz Jungle Cutz - Riverside, CA | Wacky World Studios

Transforming a mundane experience into an extraordinary adventure, Monkey Dooz Jungle Cutz in Riverside, CA, invites young ones to step into a tropical jungle teeming with monkeys and birds. Themed by Wacky World Studios, this unique children's hair salon redefines the concept of a haircut, making it an exciting and memorable experience for kids and parents alike.

A Haircut Like No Other!

Escape to the Wilderness!

As soon as you enter Monkey Dooz Jungle Cutz, you're transported to a lush tropical paradise filled with vibrant foliage, playful monkeys, and colorful creatures of all kinds. The salon's innovative design immerses guests in a jungle setting, stimulating the imagination and creating a sense of adventure from the moment they step through the door.


Bringing the Jungle to life

The highlight of Monkey Dooz Jungle Cutz is undoubtedly the kid-friendly  critters that populate the salon. From cheeky chimps swinging from vines to exotic birds perched in trees, every corner is alive with the sights and sounds of the jungle, creating a magical atmosphere that captivates children's imaginations.

Making Every Visit Special

By thinking outside the box and embracing creativity, we've helped Monkey Dooz Jungle Cutz transform a simple haircut into a memorable and exciting experience for children and families. Whether children are swinging with monkeys, or chatting with parrots, every visit to the salon is an adventure to remember.