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Casas Church

Tucson, AZ

Something for Everybody!

This fun toon town environment has something for everyone, from Big City play vehicles to a boardwalk-themed play room complete with stage to a Petting Zoo and even a Sports Stadium. This project utilized many 2D cutouts for their outdoor spaces.

Wall mural depicting parking garage ramp, wall vignette of a ticket window and 2D cutout of a Woman with baby stroller and young girl in a Toon Town Themed Environment at Casas Church
2D cutouts of surfboards nad waste can with bird and pail in front of fence wainscot in a Boardwalk Themed Space at Casas Church
Cement truck Themed Play Feature with yellow slide in Big City Themed outdoor Play Area at Casas Church
Wall murals depict people entering turnstile gates at a stadium in this Sports & Stadium Themed Environment at Casas Church
2D cutout of kids on safari with an Ostrich plus a 2d Giraffe and Park Ranger in a Park & Zoo Themed Environment at Casas Church
2D Bus facade as a check in desk in a Toon Town & Neighborhood Themed Environment at Casas Church
Wooden stage and Boardwalk scene mural plus a 3D puppet stage shack with a beach scene background at a Beach and Boardwalk Stage Themed Environment at Casas Church
Wall mural of tiles plus 3D Lockers and bench in a Sports Locker Room Themed Environment at Casas Church

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