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2D contour cut sign with a purple flower, a laughing cartoon grasshopper and words "The Garden" at Meadowbrook Church

Signage & Banners

Custom Signs & Banners

Let Wacky World help you grab people's attention and point the way!

Signs are required in many public spaces so why not have them match the theme of your environment? Grab people's attention with a large 3D sculpted custom outdoor sign. Direct traffic indoors with printed signs printed or as a separate 2D feature. Banners can also convey loads of information in a fun and colorful way and are easy to set up and break down in mobile or temporary spaces.

Western Themed Space with 3D cacti, wall murals of old west buildings and a sign reading "Crossroad's Kids" in a faux wood style at Crossroads Church TX
Outdoor Sign with flowers and cartoon bug and letters reading "My Small Wonders Childcare And Development Center".
2D cutout sign reading "The Mineshaft Rooms 503-507" plus sculpted rocks and a asign reading "The Cave Classrooms 601-605" and murals depicting a mine scene.
2D Classroom Number Street Signs in a Big City Toon Town Theme
Welcome Back Outdoor Banner with cartoon moose in a forest

Custom Signs & Banners FAQs

Attractive artwork that sets the mood or theme and is durable and easy to install or remove. The language should be clear and concise.

Signs are typically made of wood or Sintra when designed as 2D cutouts. Our 3D signs are often sculpted from foam and then given a durable hard coating before painting.

Vinyl banner, Celtic Cloth, Scrim, or canvas-backed wall covering gives the longest lifespan. All are available at a reasonable cost.

They can use grommets, pole pockets, or Velcro. They can also be slit for wind pass-through in outdoor environments.

Banners are an economical way to create a themed space or to present information in a large easy-to-read format. Mobile options are available at low cost. Signs are crucial to convey important information to your guests, for wayfinding, menus, rules, or hours of operation.

We offer portable or permanently installed signs and banners in various materials.

  • Canvas-backed wall covering
  • Vinyl banner
  • Scrim
  • Lycra
  • Celtic cloth

Wood, Sintra, or Foam

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