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3D sculpted rock bridge, a large 3D tree play area, a large 3D tree as a door surround and forest murals in a Camping Themed Space at New Pointe Church

Trees & Treehouses

Custom Sculpted Trees

Bring the great outdoors inside with trees!

Wacky World Studios trees and treehouses are famous for their realistic appearances and rugged durability. Every kid loves climbing on trees and creating their own treehouse fort.

Neighborhood Themed Wall Covering with large tree, cardboard clubhouse, sandbox, wooden fence and 2 houses at Christ Fellowship Church
Huge 3D sculpted tree with rock stairs plus a forest murals, green faux grass and rock bridge pillars in a Fantasy Forest Themed Environment at Stonebridge Church
3D sculpted tree, lodge facade and forest murals in a Camping Themed Space at Faith Family Church
2 3D sculpted trees as check in desks, a faux grass floor plus a wall mural neighborhood scene with a yellow house, a man mowing grass and a lemonade stand with a dog in front.
Fully Immersive Camping Themed Environment featuring Forest scene wall murals and 2D classroom signs at Canyon Hills Church

Custom Tree & Treehouse FAQs

A good tree should fit well into the themed space, be attractive as well as durable and offer a variety of ways for kids to interact with it. A good treehouse will have items to interact with inside it as well as a window opening to the area below for those who just wish to observe the others at play. Both should be accessible by anyone and everyone.

A treehouse for kids makes a great centerpiece for a themed environment. The 3D tree model often creates jaw-dropping reactions that make your facility stick in the memory of all who visit. Trees and treehouses are excellent bases for housing slides, rope bridges, and stairs.

We can make trees of any style and size and because they are crafted by hand, no two are ever alike. They can be as simple as 2D tree cutouts or could be made as a 3D relief that seems to jut out from a wall. They could also be a gargantuan 3D standalone structure that fill a room. Treehouses can be as simple or detailed as you wish but often are your typically one-room box-like structure. We have also created exotic multi-room structures that offer endless role-playing opportunities. A treehouse with a slide makes for a great indoor play structure and will be a centerpiece for your facility.

Most trees are sculpted from block foam and then hard coated and painted and clear coated for durability. Treehouses are often wood structures but could also be made as a façade for an existing room or structure. Materials often vary based on location and functionality of the feature.

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