Make an existing doorway more unique by giving it a facade, section off entire areas with mini buildings or build a entire town for a stage background! Great for a kids play area, individual offices, entrances and more!

3 building facades with signs reading "Rafting Supplies", "General Store" and "Camping Gear" plus forest murals in a Camping and Lodge Themed Room at a Church
Castle/Church Building Facades with stained glass windows for a Stage in a Church Auditorium
Lodge Themed Facade Around Play Area at NewPointe Ohio
Kids and Parents Playing Outside Giant Animal Face Facade Camp Cabins at Carolina Creek Christian Camp
Camping Themed Facade of a lodge with double doors and a window plus a 3D sculpted rock and wood check in kiosk with sign reading "Guest Services" at a Church
Neighborhood Themed Check In Area with white picket fence desk wrap and yellow house murals with green and white awnings over windows at a Church

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