Custom Themed Check-In Desks

A check-in desk is a great way to introduce your guests to your facility. It is often their first encounter with your chosen theme. It puts kids at ease and is a fun place for employees to return to each day.

Check-in desks are found in amusement parks, resorts, doctor offices, daycares, and more. They serve as the primary point of contact between guests and the venue's staff. They provide a critical first impression and set the tone for the guest experience.

Build and Function of Check-In Desks

The construction of check-in desks for themed spaces often involves careful attention to detail. The desks may resemble a variety of objects, such as pirate ships, treehouses, or futuristic control centers, depending on the theme. Materials and finishes may also be selected to match the theme, with wood, metal, and glass being common choices.

Besides their aesthetic considerations, check-in desks must be functional and efficient. Staff must be able to easily access the desk to check in guests and answer questions. Guests must be able to quickly and easily find the desk to begin their experience. This may involve careful placement, signage, and the use of technology to streamline the check-in process. Reception desk designs can also be made mobile so they can be rolled out of the way when not in use.

By carefully considering both the aesthetic and functional aspects of these desks, venues can create a cohesive and engaging environment that delights and entertains visitors from start to finish.

Desk wrap and 2D tree cutout in a Neighborhood Treehouse Themed pediatric facility
2D cutout desk wrap of a wooden sailing ship , 3D chest, 2D sign and wainscot of beach scene in a Beach & Wrecked Ship Themed room.
Airport Themed Check-in desk with 3D relief luggage stacked in front of the counter and a large wall mural of an airport scene behind it.
2D surfboard game stations and Beach murals plus Tiki Hut Check In Desk in a Beach Themed space
2 life-sized Covered Wagons with sculpted cacti as check in stations in a Western Themed space at Crossroads church in Odessa TX

Check-In Desks Issues and Solutions

A common issue is how to deal with the influx of people at check-in. Wacky World has come up with a variety of solutions to process many people simultaneously. From spacing out multiple check-in locations to single-point desks with many stations, we strive to make it fun and integrate well with the chosen theme of the area.

Check-In Desk Design Options

Check-in desks can be made by simply adding a wrap around an existing desk or created as a 2D facade or a 3D sculpted feature! They can be easily disguised as just another part of the scenery. We have created check-in desks that look like road cases, travel trailers, and shipping crates. We have lemonade stands, even surf shacks, and covered wagons!

Check-In Desk FAQs

What type of businesses need check-in desks?

Check-in desks are perfect for churches, schools, daycares, parks & rec facilities, museums, libraries, retail, offices, theatres, healthcare, dental offices and more!

Why should I use a check-in desk for my facility?

If you need to keep track of guests or offer information for their visit, then a check-in desk can be a great addition to your facility. It can make a first and lasting impression and sets the tone for your business.

What makes a good check-in desk?

A good check-in desk should be functional, attractive, inviting, and durable. It should include an ADA counter for accessibility ad can include lockable cabinetry and check-in equipment.

What types of check-in desks do you offer?

We offer stand-alone desks, custom 3D structures and desk wraps.

What kind of materials are your check-in desks made of?

Our check-in desks are sculpted foam, wood, metal, Sintra, or a combination of materials.

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