Kiosk check-in stations are often the first thing your guests will encounter upon entering your facility. They can help set the tone for the theme and create a welcoming experience for your visitors.

In high-traffic check-in areas, direct guest flow with a self-service check-in kiosk. Self-service kiosks are like check-in desks, but are unmanned standalone build-outs. They can be themed in 2D or 3D to fit any space. Kiosks containing game stations are a great way to keep many kids entertained. They help keep gear organized.

Undersea Themed Check-in Kiosk with 4 stations built into a 2D cutout of a colorful coral reef scene with plants and fish and other sea life.
3D relief sculpted blue and white delivery truck with 3 Check-In Kiosks in a Toon Town Themed Space with full wall mural of a downtown scene.
8 Wacky Slime Factory styled 3D Check-in Kiosks and Gaming Stations along a wall painted yellow, orange and purple.
Undersea/Atlantis-Themed 2D Cutout Check-In Kiosk and Gaming Stations featuring fallen columns, sea life and ocean plants
Delivery Truck Themed 5-display Gaming Stations with brick wall background mural at Victory Church TX

Types of Custom Kiosks

Wacky World Studios designs custom kiosks, which can be permanently fixed in place, or made to be mobile. Freestanding 2D kiosks are a very popular way to accommodate variations in traffic flow or tight spaces. They can be moved about the space as needed, making them safe and meet fire codes.

They can be disguised to imperceptibly blend in with the rest of the theme. They can be quite small such as a mailbox or lemonade stand, or larger like a piano or truck. At one facility, Wacky World Studios created check-in stations located on three sides of two separate kiosks. This gave them 6 check-in points but using the space of only two!

Kiosks can be made to house your specific equipment, such as a tablet, scanner, and printer.

Other Purposes of Kiosks

They make great entertainment places for kids, too. A kiosk will often contain TV displays or iPads or contain a gaming console and game controllers.

Custom kiosks are a great way to keep track of your guests or provide them with important information without the need to staff them with a live attendant. Game stations are quite popular for kiosks as they take up minimal floor space. Gaming kiosks also can possibly be repositioned in different spots depending on your needs.

Custom Kiosks FAQs

What makes a good kiosk?

A good kiosk should be functional, attractive, inviting, and durable.

Why should I use an interactive kiosk design for my facility?

If you need to keep track of guests, offer information for their visit, or provide a gaming area, a custom kiosk can be a great addition to your facility.

What types of kiosks do you offer?

We offer standalone 2D kiosks, custom 3D structures, and wall-mounted units.

What kind of materials are your kiosks made of?

Most kiosks may be sculpted foam, wood, metal, Sintra, or a combination of materials.

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