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Wall designs is a very broad term used to describe a whole myriad of products Wacky World Studios has to offer! Your environment can be fully immersive by only using wall art! Often, wall design is the backdrop for the 3D elements, signage, 2D features to exist and it is typically the first steppingstone to create a themed space.

One of the things that sets Wacky World Studios apart from the competition is the number of wall designs we offer. We have been creating digital wall art since the early 2000’s and have since amassed a huge library of designs, which can now be offered to you for a fraction of the original price. The artwork is created by our Digital Artists in layers, and therefore can be customized to fit any space! We can customize it using your colors, verbiage, logo, and characters specific to your space. It can be printed on a variety of materials and substrates!

Beach and Boardwalk Themed Wall Covering with kids playing, an adult pointing, coolers, birds and other animals.
Nursery with a Noah's Ark theme featuring murals with Giraffes, monkeys and more as shown on the Ark.
Airport Themed Wall Covering depicting inside of hangar with plane on tarmac Victory Church Ohio
Backlot Studios Themed Wall Covering Stage Backdrop featuring a brick wall, green board wainscots, props, lights, tools and more at Mount of Olives
Art Class Themed Environment backdrop for stage at Bent Tree Bible Fellowship with large Easel, Paint Palette, Cup of brushes, Crayons and more.
Polynesian Island Themed Wall Covering with kids playing in front of tiki hut at Victory Church Ohio
Casting sign, lights, trusses, tools, ropes, set props and brick wall in a Backlot Studios Themed Wall Covering at Victory Church TX
Biblical Market Themed Wall Covering with adobe buildings, camels, vases, lambs and more
Big City Toon Town Themed Wall Covering plus  2D cutout bus as a check in desk.
Camping Themed hallway with full wall murals of forest scene and 2D cutout classroom signage.
Backyard Neighborhood Themed Wall Covering full mural with tree, house, pool, soccer net and gator.
Outer Space Future World Themed Wall Covering
Shipping Dock Themed Wall Covering with giant ship, ropes, barrels, crates and dock at Crosspointe Anaheim
Giant Bugs Themed Wall Covering at Meadowbrook Church

Styles and Materials of Wall Design

Our wall art style varies greatly, and we have many themes in both realistic and cartoon styles. Our specialty is in decorative wall art for kids with friendly scenes and characters. In addition, we can also offer more contemporary looks, which include abstract art and geometric shapes and blend well in corporate environments.

Wall art is great for:

  • Theming on a Budget
  • Creating a cohesive brand image, including displays for your logo, mascot, and more
  • The backdrop for 3D elements, signage, and play features to exist
  • Smaller murals or vignettes, posters, banners, signage

All custom wall art can be created on a variety of substrates for both indoor and outdoor use. Commercial-grade wall covering, sticky vinyl, vinyl banner, fabric, and stretched canvas, are just a few examples of materials offered.

Wall Design FAQs

Why should I consider using wall artwork at my facility?

Murals and wainscots are the fastest, easiest, and most cost effective way to create a themed environment. It is a great way to dress up boring walls, engage kids and help set the mood for a place and create a brand image.

What types of wall artwork do you offer?

Our catalog of art includes full murals, contour cut murals, framed murals, backdrops, wainscots, banners, appliques, vignettes, and more! They can be created on a wide variety of materials including but not limited to commercial-grade wall covering, sticky vinyl, canvas, paper, Celtic cloth, and window vinyl.

What makes a good wall art product?

Wall art should be durable, easy to install, attractive, affordable, and easy to clean.

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