Window Vinyl is used to incorporate the windows into the artwork of a themed room. This lets your wall covering continue seamlessly and creates opportunity to control lighting in the space. It can also provide an outside glimpse into your theme inside.

Where to Use Window Vinyl

Vinyl Window Designs is great for:

  • Daycare facilities and School classrooms
  • Offices
  • Retail Spaces
  • Parks & Recreation Centers
  • Church Children’s Ministries
  • Pediatric facilities
Example of Undersea Themed Window Vinyl with Wall Covering depicting sea floor with coral reef, fish and plants at a Church
Example of Window Vinyl and murals in a Space Themed Space at a Church, featuring views of the stars and the interior of a space station with kid characters.
Window graphic of yellow submarine near a coral reef in an Undersea Themed Space at McDonald's
Outdoor view of Undersea Themed Window Vinyl featuring a yellow submarine and coral at Bridgewater Church

Types of Window Vinyl

Custom vinyl window graphics can easily be incorporated into almost any themed environment design. It can let a substantial amount of natural daylight into the room, or block it completely. Custom window vinyl can cover the entire window or be contour cut to only cover part of it while leaving the rest completely transparent. They are easily applied and completely removable if so desired. They can be opaque to be visible on only one side, clear to show the artwork from BOTH sides or perforated, so you can see through one side, but not the other.

Custom Window Vinyl FAQs

What makes a good Custom Window Vinyl?

Window Vinyl is durable and scratch resistant for long-term use. Easy to apply and remove. Attractive designs that catch the eyes of a passersby.

Why should I consider using Window Vinyl in my facility?

Window Vinyl is a great way to incorporate your windows into your themed space as well as show a bit of it to people outside. It can help as advertising as well.

What types of Window Vinyl do you offer?

We offer Window Vinyl in various thicknesses and transparencies and any size or style desired. Any of the artwork in our Wacky World Studios art library can be printed on window vinyl.

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